31 outubro 2012

Happy Halloween everyone!

Hello babes, Hello babes, I'm totally outdated, and I'm unable to connect in Second Life, I'll be back for this week already believe could go back, I hope! -.-
Leaving also clear that NOT abandoned the blog, nor stopped posting, as we all know only that each has a RL life depending on you, and sometimes RL gets a little fast-paced, especially for those working, studying or doing something besides play SL, only these have a clue what I'm talking about.
Many apologies to you guys and especially the designers, so I go back, I'll be posting all received.
I will also make some changes in the blog.
But I've been letting my wish for a Happy Halloween everyone!
Many candy and mischief to all!! :Q

Enjoy much ;D

P.D.: Leveraging the same post, I also wanted to note my regret for the victims of Hurricane sandy, I personally never experienced a situation like this, since Brazil does not suffer from natural phenomena, but imagine what it must be terrible, it is regrettable to see all your Constructed with hard work be destroyed, a city full of totally damage, destroyed, and worse yet lose his life.'s very sad, regrettable.
All who were affected by the Hurricane Sandy, are in my prayers, God protect them.
My sister, lot of strength. know that I love you very much, God  protect and bless you and yours. TKM <3

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