04 janeiro 2012

New Sakia Bronze :o~ more -(BR)- ♥

Hello baby doll, I hope you have a great day!

Aff, and this heatI'm Asking for mercy to San Pedro xD
Brazil today is an unbearable heateven air conditioners Can not Seem to solve, OMFG!
While some are raining a lot, others in this terrible heat. ¬ ¬ '
Welllets get to what really matters ... today I bring to you the new release of Al vuloSakia Bronze *u*

Hair : AD - Dive
Skin : Al vulo! - Sakia*  mina claveage blonde brow bronze -> New!!
Teeth :  Sorry.Asia - Open.Mouth Add-On
Corset : -(BR)-  - The Corset Longtop -> New!!
Short : {mon tissu} - Shorts - Greta - Original
Belt : Miel - Cali Cords
Shoes : Mstyle - RIVEA Pumps

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